Stratogis Networks

Software Development

The Stratogis team has been developing high fidelity RF and network performance models for the past thirty years. We believe that many of the simulations models in use today are so complex that they can only be used by a very small community of experts. In contrast, our emphasis has been on developing tools that can be used by the larger System Engineering community. We also believe that for models to be effective they must be capable of rapidly evaluating large mission and operational scenario thus enabling parametric design and optimization. Our approach to tool development places the analyst, and the analysis, closer to the decision maker thereby enabling more rapid and informed decision making.

Stratogis has worked with a major system integrator to develop a high fidelity end-to-end, RF and network performance model of the DoD Global Information Grid. This model includes force structure, equipment, subnet architecture and traffic data sets for over 50 DoD unit types. In addition, the model supports integrated radio, wireless, satellite and terrestrial network analysis. The model's graphical user interfaces allow any analyst or engineer to rapidly build large operational scenarios consisting of tens of thousands of communication nodes. Our model includes terrain-based RF modeling and and an innovative packet level simulation network modeling that enables accurate, large scale network analysis in a fraction of the time of traditional packet level simulations. Since the tools generate millions of end-to-end performance results in seconds, we have developed smart processing software that rapidly sifts through results; identifies performance shortfalls; isolates their root causes and recommends link and network changes to improve performance. The tool has been used to assess the performance for integrated architectures containing a number of major DoD programs of record. It also has been used to identify gaps in the DoD network architecture and develop solutions to fill those gaps.


Stratogis recently completed a multi-year effort with ASD NII Enterprise Wide System Engineering (EWSE) office to develop a suite of tools for evaluating integrated DoD network performance for legacy and next generation applications. The Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) and Scenario PET were developed as part of a larger effort to identify network technical requirements and policy need to insure interoperability across the wide range of DoD IP and non-IP networks. Based on user inputs, PET automatically generates use cases and analyzes each use case end-to-end performance. The tool includes measured and simulation performance for a wide range of radio, satellite and fiber networks as well as the detailed event sequence messaging structures for over 50 applications. The tool has been used to identify performance limitations for legacy and complex SOA applications delivered to the tactical edge. More information ...